About G.L.P. Shoes

G.L.P. Shoes – Graupis Leather Products Ltd. – based in Harrison Mills, BC, Canada is an importer and distributor of the highest quality ladies' and mens' comfort footwear made in Europe. Our shoes are setting the highest standards in absolute comfort, wellness, latest fashion, and are manufactured with the latest technology and engineering.

Our success story started in 2006 when Robert and Barbara Graupensberger moved from Germany to their dream country, Canada, with the exclusive rights from Semler in their pocket to distribute the extraordinary German comfort brand in Canada. Like pioneers of the 19th century, we rented a motor home and drove all the way from Vancouver to the east coast. We called on every shoe store along the way to introduce ourselves and were fortunate enough to gain many new friends and customers.

Seventeen years later, G.L.P. Shoes is proud to have customers and representation from coast-to-coast. The company attends all national and regional sales exhibitions in Canada and is honoured to be the exclusive distributor in Canada for the highest quality brands; Semler and Xsensible.

G.L.P. Shoes is well known for its commitment to highest quality footwear and unique customer service. We sincerely believe our success is dependent on the success of our customers.