The Xsensible Shoe Company makes the world's most comfortable shoes.

Xsensible® inside is patented and comprises several layers. Each layer has a certain function.The uppermost layer is real leather. This leather is made extra stretchable by using a certain treatment method. This unique stretch leather is used in all our Xsensible® shoes.

SEMLER is the leading European manufacturer of high-quality ladies footwear and sets the standard in the perfect marriage of fashion, wellness and comfort. Established in 1863 the SEMLER comfort shoe company emphasizes excellent quality, anatomically designed foot beds, exclusive soft leathers and up-to-date fashion trends. The combination of state-of the art technology with traditional craftsmanship makes SEMLER footwear so unique.


Our patented VersoShock® technology provides the ultimate pain relief protection for the entire body in a way no other shoe can. It is designed to absorb harmful shock from the ground up, converting the shock into renewed positive energy for your next step. Having this kind of cushioning allows you to not only physically feel better, but improve your posture and be on your feet longer without any restrictions holding you back.


We at FIDELIO have set ourselves a goal: to produce comfortable, fashionable footwear that inspires the wearer daily and brings pure luck to their feet.